Finding all the answers in nature.

This is the brand philosophy that NBONO pursues.


high-end skincare brand


'N' means nature in English


'BONO' means good in French

NBONO is the result of 8 years of research and development by NBONOR&D Research Institute.

It is a high-end skincare brand made of good raw materials containing the vitality of nature.

1. Skin Solution

The major ingredients of skin solution such as 20-year-old wild ginseng, 6-year-old red ginseng, 15-year-old bellflower root, Ganoderma Lucidum(Mushroom), peel of grape, and pine leaf extracts contain a large amount of saponin and unsaturated fatty acids, which are effective in body fat decomposition, anti-aging, lifting, etc.

2. Prime Essence

The major ingredients of prime essence such as Allantoin (a natural substance extracted from the shoots of wheat), Korean native honey, green tea, and bamboo leaf extracts contain a lot of moisture, which is outstanding effective in moisturizing and whitening.

3. Nutri D-Cream

Vegetable collagen from royal jelly, kelp, aloe vera, acorn extracts gives great skin elasticity.

The core technology of NBONO

Only technology of NBONO's special skill.

Marine plants, white ants and herbivores are able to digest the nutrients in plants because the enzyme that can break down cellulose by itself is produced in the stomach, so it is possible to digest the nutrients that are contained in plants.

Therefore, due to the technology of the hybridization of the cellulose structure that surrounds the innermost nutrient of the plant into very fine, small-molecules, and the highly concentrated mixing of natural botanical ingredients, the principle of dissolving fat immediately is the CORE TECHNOLOGY of the NBONO cosmetics.